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 Solid Pine Trestle Tables

You'll notice something different about our tables as opposed to some other trestles that are offered for hire, and that is; ours come with attractive metal folding legs. These have the following advantages over traditional wooden trestle tables:

  • Totally Wobble Free

  • Comfortably Allows Guests to be Seated at the End ( due to the posistioning of the legs)

  • Quick and easy to assemble

These are not listed in our shop, please contact us directly for availability and  a quote

Marquee 22.jpeg
Marquee 23.jpeg
Tables 3.jpg
Marquee 16.jpeg
Pine_Tables 5.jpg
Tables 2.jpg
Tables 5.jpg

Hire Cost:

Our handmade solid pine tables cost £18 for a weekend hire*, which is comparable to hiring a "normal " table with a table cloth.

* Delivery charges and minimum order quantities may apply

And because you don't need a table cloth...

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While more effective at cleaning, phosphates got a bad reputation for their effect on the environment. When  phosphates enter the environment through waterways and streams, they feed bacteria that contribute to oxygen deprivation in the oceans, or “dead zones.” It is because of this reputation, that phosphates were banned from most residential laundry detergents."

However, they are still used commercially...

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