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Wedding Table

We're committed to maintain the highest  level of environmental
responsibility that we can realistically achieve.

Because our tables are made in the UK from oak trees grown in the UK you're safe in the knowledge that they haven't been manufactured in a far eastern factory and shipped half way across the world, as the case with virtually all tables that are currently for hire.

And because you don't need a table cloth...

"Phosphates are an inorganic chemical that for many years was a core component of laundry and dishwashing detergent.

While more effective at cleaning, phosphates got a bad reputation for their effect on the environment. When  phosphates enter the environment through waterways and streams, they feed bacteria that contribute to oxygen deprivation in the oceans, or “dead zones.” It is because of this reputation, that phosphates were banned from most residential laundry detergents."

However, they are still used commercially...

Our products consist of other components besides English Oak. These are as follows:

Threaded inserts which are manufactured in the UK from Tappex

Bolts, manufactured in the UK from gwr-fasteners

Steel for the legs from Kloecker Metals UK  who have switch to using 100% green gas and electricity.

Table top lacquer manufactured in the UK by Fiddes 

Our waste wood comprises of wood chippings and off-cuts. The chippings are used in the local farm for horse bedding and the off-cuts are donated to people in our village to help heat their homes.

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